If I Am Trying To Loose Weight, Would It Help To Stop...

Well, I smoke and I am trying to loose weight, would I loose weight faster if I stopped smoking? Thanks for the… Read more

What Are The Effects Of Nicotine On The Body Without...

my boyfriend stopped smoking and has been on the commit lozenges for longer than he should be. what does the nicotine do to his body? i can’t find anything on searches without it including smoking with the… Read more

A Friend Quit Smoking And Now She Feels Bloated?

A friend of mine recently quit smoking, and now she claims her stomach is bloated a lot.. is this normal? does it have to do with the fact that shes not smoking anymore? if so,… Read more

What Should I Do As A Parent?my 16 Year Old Son...

He has been suspended from school twice for smoking which also lead to an expulsion.I had to put him in a private school.He says he gets the cigarettes from friends or buys them from the store himself.I’m so disappointed in his refusal to get on the… Read more

I Just Quit Smoking, And Would Like To Ask For A Pill...

I just quit smoking, and I’m kinda irritable. I’d like a pill that makes me calm, (Not irritable) But not sleepy, so I can take it at work. Driving is not an issue, I… Read more

Can The Nicotine Patch Cause Sweating As Side Effect ?

Just curious because I am on day 4 of quitting and its not too bad as far as the cravings but the first 2 days were hell mentally. Now on day 4 I am sweating and have a dry cough in which no phlegm comes up… is it from the nicotine patch… am I… Read more

Re: Secondhand Smoke From Apartment Neighbors –...

I live in an apartment building and neighbor smokes. The smoke gets into my son’s room and, despite installing an air filter designed for smoke particles it still seeps in and smells. i can’t tell them to stop smoking – it’s their home – it’s their… Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea?

will it help quit smoking or will exercize do… Read more

How to quit smoking – ways to quit

It’s the worlds fastest way to quit smoking and it’s completely. You can get it right now by clicking here… Read more

How Can I Quit Smoking Without Going To A Rehab

Like what are some things i can do to help me quit? like gum or something. i dont… Read more

Should I Try To Stop Smoking While In Need Of Some...

i dread getting my wheelchair out in this very cold storm we having here now anyway. will ya pray fer me to stop smoking and… Read more

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