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How Do I Get My Parents To Quit Smoking And My Dad To...

I am so tired of watching my parents hurt them selves by smoking. They tried to quit once my mom did it, but my dad got sick and when he smoked it made my mom smoke too. I have tryed to tell them over and over again, but they just don’t listen.Also… Read more

What Can I Do To Stop Smoking?

I am 28 and I have been smoking almost 10 years. I am trying to quit, but it is so hard. I tried using various stop smoking aids, gum, patches, lozenges, etc, but those make me sick. I find that I am eating myself out of house and home to make up… Read more

Why Is My Unborn Baby More Active Now That I Quit...

i’m 33 weeks pregnant, and i quit smoking at about 31, or 32 weeks. and my baby was never a really active little guy, but hes been on the move these days! just wondering if its cause hes getting older, or if the pot had anything to do with it? im… Read more

What Is A Good Workout Routine For An 18 Year Old Male...

Im 6’0 and 140 lbs, and I can not seem to gain any weight. I smoke, which sucks, I smoke pot, which sucks, and I just find myself lazy alot. Im trying to get my life on track (quit smoking pot) so I can focus myself on physical fitness. But to get… Read more

Invicta quit smoking video.wmv

Mindcoach Tim Smale's Quit Smoking Workshop for Invicta FM to tie in with No Smoking Day 2009… Mindcoach Tim Smale's Quit Smoking Workshop for Invicta FM to tie in with No Smoking Day 2009…… Read more

Learn hypnosis – quit smoking 1

Some aspects of how to stop smoking using hypnosis…. Some aspects of how to stop smoking using hypnosis……. Read more

Whats The Best Way To Quit Smoking That Plant We All...

need help to quit smoking you know what. please dont suggest AA or anything like that because those classes are one of the reasons why i smoke. and what are alternatives to lowering stress other than “wacky… Read more

How Can I Help Him Quit Smoking?

He smokes less than b4 as he saw that i dislike this. But whenever he gets a chance he smokes. Its not his own belief that he should leave smoking. Emotional diarhheas works for a while, but i seriously need a permanent change. Please help.Best… Read more

Is It Safe For A Smoker To Exercise?

I tried to quit smoking, but the thing is, I don’t want to. I enjoy smoking. I want to exercise though. I want to be in a better physical condition. Before anyone says, “If you want to feel better stop smoking,” the benefits of exercise are… Read more

How Can I Stop Smoking And Not Get Cankers ?

I have quit smoking several times. Every time I quit I get four to five canker sores. A doctor prescribed Kenolog in Orobase. I have also tried home remedies like salt water and apple cider viniger. Nothing works. Three doctors have even told me to… Read more

Can A Drop Of Pure Nicotine Kill An Elephant?

Rumor has it that a drop of PURE nicotine can kill an elephant, i want to know if it is true or false and i would like a reason…. Read more

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