Quit Smoking Advice : How Many Days Does It Take For...

I am on CHAMPIX tablets (Varenicline Tartrate). Have gone from smoking 25/day down to 4/day in 14 days. Just want to know if I have passed the danger (withdrawal) stage…. Read more

Stop smoking help and stop smoking tip

Get stop smoking help that you need to quit smoking for good. Find the best way to stop smoking as well as stop smoking benefits. Let us show you the right way for you to quit smoking for good!… Get stop smoking help that you need to quit smoking… Read more

How Long After You Quit Smoking Do You Have Regular...

I’m quitting smoking. Its been 2 days now and I’ve heard that’s how long it takes to detox from nicotine. How long until the regular cravings… Read more

The power to quit smoking


My Test Results Said No Nicotine In My System, Yet I...

I recently got a whole bunch of test done for life insurance that I applied for and they checked for nicotine in my system. It came back as no nicotine in my system. I have smoked half a pack a day for over 10 years. How is that my test came up… Read more

Why Do I See People On Here Saying They Have To Take A...

Do they really test for nicotine for some jobs? That seems unfair and discriminatory. What is it about a smoker that makes them undesirable as a prospective employee? I’m assuming this is in America as I doubt you could get away with doing this in… Read more

Should I Be Coughing Since I Quit Smoking?

I smoked my last cigarette 6 days ago, and I feel OK except for trouble sleeping. Everyone I’ve talked to says that they developed a terrible cough after they quit smoking, and it’s supposed to be the lungs cleaning themselves out and healing. I… Read more

I Just Quit Smoking, What Kind Of Lung And Recovery...

I have been a moderate smoker (no more than 15 a day) for the past 11 months, i know not long, and after trying to quit a few times this one is sticking, I just want to know what kind of recovery i can expect and the extent of the damage i have done… Read more

When Trying To Quit Smoking What Is The Best Way To Do...

I have to quit like… Read more

Does Nicotine Patch Cause You To Puke A Lot?

My boyfriend started using nicotine patch 3 weeks ago. Last week he started smoking again while using the patch. He has been puking a lot for 11 days. He still uses the… Read more

Is There Anyway I Can Stop Smoking?

I’ve been smoking for 3 years now and trying to quit but I find myself smoking more and more everyday. I really need to stop because Im killing myself… Read more

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