I Quit Smoking 2 Weeks Ago Today. How Long Will It Be...

i was a smoker for 30 years, and as far as doctors say i am in good… Read more

Why Do Nicotine Patches Cause You To Have Vivid...

I am presently using the nicotine patch and dream frequently. I find most of the dreams interesting and wonder where they came… Read more

How To Clean Nicotine Stains From Sealant Around Upvc...

Hi, the sealant around our upvc windows have gone yellow from nicotine and general ageing. PLease can anyone give me any advice on how to clean this off without dissolving or damaging the sealant. thanks :-)get back an… Read more

How Do I Quit Smoking While Taking Adderall ?

Ok I lied I don’t smoke but my boyfriend does. I am allergic to cigarette smoke but I don’t want this to be the end of the relationship and he is willing to quit. However he has really bad ADD and must take adderall in order to get things done. He… Read more

Quit smoking.asf

… …… Read more

How Long Until Nicotine Addicition Leaves The Body?

My wife and I quit smoking Monday morning, so this is day 4. We’re both a little edgy, and I’m wondering how long until the physical addiction to nicotine… Read more

What happens when you quit smoking

What Happens When You Quit Smoking. I do not own the text, audio, images, or video. URL: video.about.com… What Happens When You Quit Smoking. I do not own the text, audio, images, or video. URL: video.about.com…… Read more

Planning On Quitting Smoking: Is Nrt Free For...

HI claire bear. Grrr! love that moniker..congrats on your decision to quit its a biggie.. as far the free nrt’s (nicotine replacement therapy) it really kind of depends on where you live..that stuff is a result of tobacco settlement money.. and… Read more

How Come Every Time I Try To Quit Smoking?

I have heart palpitations? They won’t go away. The most I will make it to is about a month and then I can’t take it anymore. They disturb my sleep and I just start smoking again. Does this happen to anyone else? What do you do about… Read more

Is It Possible To Completely Quit Smoking Crack...

I have been through rehabilitation and detox but I have friends that continue to smoke and I wonder if it is possible to quit without treatment or… Read more

How Do I Get Over This Depressed Feeling When I Quit...

I can’t afford any prescription drugs, or let alone smoking anymore. Is there any herbs or natural things to help? And will this eventually pass on it’s… Read more

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