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How Can I Make Him Stop Smoking?

Alright, so I have a friend, and I’m not completely sure but a lot of people says he smokes pot. I personally don’t think he does, but I kind of want to find out. He’s important to me and pot is pretty bad for your mind. Anyone know how I can find… Read more

What Is The Most Successful Way To Quit Smoking...

And remember, if you smoke cannibis, you are a smoker, whether or not you smoke… Read more

My Wife Stays On Me About Staying Quit Smoking,

I quit smoking about 4 months ago, but i am always craving a cigarette, and my wife tells me that if i just stop thinking about it, it will be okay, we both quit at the same time but i was smoking 2 packs a day compared to her 1 pack every 3 days,… Read more

Has Anyone Had Laser Treatment To Quit Smoking?

And have you been successful? Would you recommend trying this for a smoker who has been smoking a pack a day for 7… Read more

Whats The Best Way To Quit Smoking?

i need a supplement to help me quit. ive tried going cold turkey and i always go right back to smoking. ive also tried going down to lights and ultra lights but i seem to smoke more. what should i… Read more

Should I Start Smoking Again?

I quit smoking about 16 months ago. I quit smoking because I just graduated from college and I got the Great Job as a Human Resources Assistant at a factory that paid 14.00 hour which is good money where I live for entry level. Anyway, I had some… Read more

How Do You Get Your Mum To Stop Smoking?

Help! My Mum smokes alot! And I want her to stop how can I make her?… Read more

If I Stop Smoking Long Does It Take For Me...

i stoped smoking weed about 2 days ago..and im not going back to it. i wanted to know how long it would take before i starting thinking more clear now that im off that brain cells grow back? and will it make my memory how it used to… Read more

What Can I Do To Help Me Quit Smoking?

i’ve been smoking since i was 16 i am 21 now. I went to the doctor and they told me i have emphazema (don’t know how to spell it.) could someone give some advise on how to quit without having a nervous… Read more

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