Benefits Of Quitting Smoking Pot?

I know about your lungs but will your memory improve? Concentration? Energy? Please only people that have experience. Also ive smoked for 15 years

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9 Responses to “Benefits Of Quitting Smoking Pot?”

  1. moaatimo Says:

    Uh, can’t believe some of the answers you got, people love to talk about stuff they know nothing about? Job? Try telling Mick Jagger he’ll improve his financial situation when he quits smoking pot! Lol.
    Your short memory will improve, not so sure about concentration. Not having an outlet is not exactly brilliant for concentration, then again it depends on what you are trying to concentrate on.
    Taking in Photoshop lessons? You’ll be more creative and less sterile if you have an occasional puff. Energy? That’s down to tobacco and nicotine and what you eat and the exercize you take, a joint on saturday night won’t affect any of it either way, if anything a good laugh does wonders for the soul and will help you concentrate on monday.
    Unfortunately, giving up tobacco is impossibly difficult so for me it’s no no on pot as well but it’s tobacco’s fault not pot’s.
    If you could keep it to the one joint on saturday nights it would be nothing but beneficial.
    Then again if you are smoking tons of it every day, giving it up will give more get up ang go, but it all depends on how your life is structured.
    Before you condemn pot, give up on alcohol and tobacco, those are the biggest enemies… and lack of exercize and junk food.

  2. nita5267 Says:

    Don’t be surprised if you have a literal seizure when you quit. There’s no telling what it’s laced with. Paranoia, if you’re still experiencing it, will be the first thing that goes away. Then, you’ll start coughing up tar-like substance from your lungs, which is pretty scary, but it’s cool that your body can cleanse itself like that. Memory will improve as well, and yeah, if you’re not stoned, you will have more energy.

  3. boozer Says:

    how about getting a decent job,not feeling soo lazy,saving money,being above the influence

  4. surffsav Says:

    Yes, your memory,concentration and energy levels will improve.(Start taking a multi-vitamin tablet along with a B-complex for stress.)
    Paranoia will go away.
    You will stop craving junk food.
    You might even be motivated to do something!

  5. chocolat Says:

    You wont die as soon.

  6. AmyE Says:

    Those things will improve. Also colors seem much brighter and you are more enthusiastic. Good Luck w/ that!

  7. ♐ вавч ♥ cuріd ♐ Says:

    less paranoia and a much happy and positive out look on life.

  8. Laurie F Says:

    Yes. Your memory, concentration, energy, motivation, enthusiasm, and endurance will all improve.
    It’s such a good change to make. I don’t know how much or how often you smoke, but if you even just cut back (a lot) you’ll see all that you’ve been missing.

  9. xxRedRob Says:

    lol dude if u’ve allready smoked pot for 15 years then just keep with it.
    But if you want to stop smoking pot, then i think your memory might improve, but i dont know about concentration. if i smoked for 15 years then i stopped, i would be concentrating on pot still. idk.

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