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I am having gastric bypass surgery 9/11 but have a nicotine test coming up 8/29 and I have started smoking again and I have a friend that is willing to let me use her urine. Do you think it will be possible to do?

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  1. Dr. O'Pinion Says:

    All you would be accomplishing by the deception is creating a more dangerous situation for yourself by lying about your nicotine consumption. Gastric Bypass Surgery is a very serious procedure and I’m sure it has already been explained to you that there is a potential fatality rate that is a reality and not a fantasy. The precautionary measures taken by the surgeons is crucial not only for the success of the operation but also for your own health and recovery from the trauma of the procedure. Media and other reports of this procedure have given it the image of being a simple everyday not to worry go for it operation but the reality is that there are and have been complications resulting in severe to fatal outcomes. Get real and stop playing games. We’re talking about your Life here!!!

  2. EMT-B Says:

    tell them that you are still using nicotine gum for the cravings.
    and have a partially used pack of gum

  3. Lola Says:

    If you can’t follow simple instructions regarding smoking, you won’t be able to follow the instructions and lifestyle changes for bypass surgery. Level with your doctor and don’t lie. When they test the urine you will be naked and in a bathroom with no sink and a toilet with no water and you may or may not have a nurse in there watching you to make sure that it is your urine. They will test the urine for temperature too. Doctors aren’t stupid. They will smell the cigarettes on your breath, hair, and clothing.

  4. girliegi Says:

    First off, Good Luck on your upcoming surgery. I for one have never heard of anyone getting tested for nicotine. (learn something new everyday!) The restrictions on any type of drug testing has increased very much. The problem w/ using someone else’s urine is the temperature. The urine produced for testing has to be a certain temp. I have heard it done by placing the urine in some very personal places until reaching the rest room with the urine cup present. Having said this, it all depends on where it will be done. Some testing sites require observed specimens. If this is the case, then it won’t work. I have found that honesty is the best policy anyway. S

  5. Ginny S Says:

    You’ll only be playing Russian roulette if you submit another’s urine. Be honest with the doctor, it,s not like your being drug tested for the court!!! Yes I have passed off other urine and got away with it. I am female, which is easier to hide than a Male’s. Of course my test was not for a medical procedure, which is something you just don’t play with!!!!

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