Can I Paint Directly Over Nicotine Stains? What Type...

Have major nicotine stains on the wall, and want to paint over it. I would like to know can I paint directly over it with a primer or is it best to clean the walls first?
If I use a primer, should it be oil or water based?

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  1. yamybike Says:

    grab a spirit based stain sealer preferable one that washes up in methylated spirits. paint that over the stain then finish off with any water borne product and you won’t have a problem.
    Paint Expert

  2. gummi bear Says:

    ewwwww… clean those nasty stains first man!

  3. Pennywis Says:

    quit smoking first, then primer, then paint a darker color

  4. ceaceago Says:

    The walls and ceiling need to be washed. Use TSP (trisodium phosphate). If you can’t use phosphate there are phospahate free TSP. Ware rubber gloves and saftey glasses. And follow the instructions. You can use a rag and or a sponge mop for the high areas. It is a lot of work but the resuilts will be worth it.
    As for the primer I use PrepRite ProBlock from Sherwin Williams. And it is Latex.
    Remember that prep is 90% of the job.

  5. sexybrei Says:

    Use an Oil based Kilz primer… it stinks to high heaven! so make sure you have a window open! But it works GREAT!

  6. Joe K Says:

    I prefer KILZ. That seems to cover just about any stain.

  7. Dino4747 Says:

    There is a product called “Kilz” which will cover stains and prevent them from bleeding through.

  8. artybmor Says:

    Zissner primer, covers all stains and is mildew resistant, and it gives better paint coverage (only 1 coat)

  9. foy_d Says:

    Kilz latex (water based) with this, you don’t have to clean the walls. If you try to just paint over, it won’t work.

  10. GRUMPY1L Says:

    Killz or B.I.N. primer at the paint store.

  11. Trudi D Says:

    Ive always used sugar soap. Always does the trick.

  12. Jeri Says:

    Use a primer first. If you are going to paint your walls white, it will take several coats. It would be best if you could find a darker color to go over your primer otherwise the stains tend to seep through.

  13. Tweek Says:

    Nicotine stains still have a way to bleed through even primer unless you want to give the wall(s) several coats. Your first bet is to wash the walls. You would be surprised at what comes off. You can use something such as Oxi-Clean which is what I use. This way you do not have to worry about drips on anything. Bleach will whiten the walls somewhat but in trying that, it wasn’t worth the worry of dripping on something and discoloring it. Oxi-Clean works well. I use a swifter mop and an old washcloth instead of the refill cloths. In no time you will see the difference. You could then use either primer or just paint depending on your walls and existing paint.

  14. Lov'n IT! Says:

    Before you paint walls you should always clean them. Then best way to clean walls is using a mixture of bleach and water. After the walls are clean you may not want to paint, but you can now prime and paint.

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