Does Medical Insurance Cover Medications To Stop...

A few friends have told me about different medications that would help me stop smoking. I’m going to ask my doctor, but I’m just checking into it now. Has anyone else taken medication to stop smoking?

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2 Responses to “Does Medical Insurance Cover Medications To Stop Smoking?”

  1. Sumerain Says:

    It depends on your coverage but a lot do. I used Wellbutrin & it really did help. You take it for 2 weeks while you are still smoking (you can begin to cut down if you want to). After a while cigarettes start to taste REALLY bad. That pretty much killed the craving for me.

  2. Baby Bjorn Backpacks Says:

    i know the state of californias insurance covers stop smoking aids and im sure alot do it just depends on what you want to use to stop smoking… there are gums, patches, hypnotizm plus the stuff they sell to remove the smoke smells

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