Does Poking Holes In Cigarettes Help Reduce Nicotine...

My brother smokes and so I thought I could secretly riddle the entire filter with holes to reduce the nicotine income, would this really help at all? Even if any? He isn’t addictive or anything, he smokes a pack every 6 months ever since he started.

9 Responses to “Does Poking Holes In Cigarettes Help Reduce Nicotine And Other Chemical Intake?”

  1. gina718 Says:

    Regardless of what your brother thinks, smoking is still bad and no amount of tricks will ever dispute that fact.

  2. LORI Says:

    No, that wouldn’t work at all.
    If you poked holes in the filter so the smoke comes out the sides he would just get a new pack of cigarettes or plug the holes with his fingers and inhale even harder. If you poked them so more smoke went into his mouth then he’d get more chemicals and it would be worse for him.

  3. checksan Says:

    No, that will do nothing. In fact, it seems pretty counter-productive. Think about it. You’re poking holes in the filter, so there’s more space for the chemicals do get through. You say he smokes one pack every 6 months? That’s one cigarette every 9 days. Don’t ruin his pleasure by poking holes in his filters.

  4. Brad Says:

    no poking holes will do nothing. To prove it. inhale a puff form regualr cigarette . then put napkin against oyur mouth and inhale into it. IT WILL BE YELLOW, do the same with your so called filtered cigarette, and surprisingly enough it will still come out as yellow wehen you inhale the puff into the cleanex. Both times will be the same density. In othe rwords just NO

  5. Lan57 Says:

    putting holes in the filters will actually make it worse, as it will make the filters less effective. he will then get more chemicals into his system than he already does.
    if you want him to quit, tell him, try to get him on gum or something.

  6. shorty Says:

    heck no. this is a myth that i have herd countless times. it doesn’t reduce any negative affect that the cigarette may hold.
    I’m not sure what else to say about this, but no it doesn’t do much of anything

  7. Nathan Says:

    Hell no!

  8. paul t Says:

    No, not at all.

  9. No way Says:


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