Ex Smokers- Did You Find Your Complexion Got Better...

my skin looks dull and greyish and i have dark bags under my eyes im hoping this is where ill see one of the many benefits
please reply if youve experienced better skin after stopping no sites please just personal testimonies-thanx in advancex

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10 Responses to “Ex Smokers- Did You Find Your Complexion Got Better When Youd Given Up Smoking?”

  1. heeeelp Says:

    Yes you will find a difference if you stop smoking.
    Not only will your skin appear fresher, you will look younger too! Also you will find your hair is in better condition, as smoke rises and your hair is bound to suffer as a result of smoking.
    Your hands will also not have nicotine stains from holding cigarettes.
    Most of all, your lungs will be healthier once you stop smoking and you wont offend anybody who doesn’t smoke.
    I had an asthma attack about 15yrs ago and stopped smoking suddenly due to the fear of another attack. I have noticed a vast improvement in my health, no more asthma now and my skin and hair feel much better and I am told I am very youthful for my age! I am 66yrs young feeling about 40!!
    I certainly recommend kicking the habit!

  2. Alan Says:

    I gave up smoking 5 years ago now, and i’ve been told i look about 5 years younger now than my true age ;)
    i feel better in myself too, i’m now very fit, i run a lot too.
    And i’ve learnt a lot of new smells that i couldnt smell before with all that nicotine killing my sense of smell.
    I feel GREAT!!!

  3. John V Says:

    Yes! You will look better, your skin will be more even colored and you will lesson the odds of wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. Your eyes will get less red and baggy. You squint when you smoke you know! Hey, nurse yourself off just the way you started and you can quit without any help. Think about it. You didn’t start smoking 1 to 2 packs a day? Ween off it.

  4. bornagai Says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes………..much better.

  5. Beth C Says:

    Cigarettes are poison…not good period. Also it effects the sinuses which causes dark circles under the eyes. Anyway to answer your question yes my skin was better, nails too.

  6. chippie_ Says:

    Not noticed an improvment in skin but I’ve gained weight(A good thing cos I was a skinny git) and my taste and smell have improved loads.

  7. noddy Says:

    yep your skin will look better,but you`ll proberly end up eating more,and you`ll have more energy,i`ve been a none smoker for nearly 6 weeks now,good luck by the way:)

  8. Jeff Says:

    Yes, skin tone improved as did lung functions and believe it or not sleep! It has been almost a year and it has been a huge improvement. People that haven’t seen me in awhile are the most taken!

  9. blondie Says:

    Prepare to be amazed…there is such a difference. Please drink a lot of water and it will speed the process up for you. The longer you have smoked the longer the process will be. Congrats on taking a step that will help you look and feel so much better.

  10. rose Says:

    Yes! I quit july 1st last year. I used to have really dull skin, and looked really pale all the time.
    Now i’d say i have more colour and a bit of a glow, my skin looks warmer now if that makes sense.
    I also find that my eyes look a bit brighter.
    I’m almost at the ten month mark now and other things i have noticed are:
    I have more energy, I don’t get headaches anymore, i sleep better, no cough or dry throat, my teeth are whiter, no more breathlessness (i now exercise more).
    The biggest thing for me is suddenly, in the last couple of weeks, my taste buds have just woken up! It was just so suprising. Everything tastes so different, better! I no longer put salt on my food – which for me is amazing.
    Good luck with it. You won’t regret it! Xx

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