How Do I Get Rid Of Nicotine Stained Lips?

I have been trying to stop smoking for a long time and the final straw for me was last week when i noticed a brown nicotine stain on my lip. I know…..disgusting!
I haven’t smoked since i saw it and i don’t plan to.
How can i get rid of this????

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21 Responses to “How Do I Get Rid Of Nicotine Stained Lips?”

  1. FairLady Says:

    this is where lemon works..
    rub a slice of lemon on lips regularly, and moisturize at night because lemon can be drying to the lips.

  2. onlinejo Says:

    hi cutie when the ph of the mouth is less than 5.5 u may get this symptoms to prevent this u can use vasiline.

  3. Resident Heretic Says:

    Stop SMOKING. Stop smoking filterless cigarettes OR stop holding the cigarette in your lips for long stretches.

  4. jmpainti Says:

    it could be cancer go to the dr
    good luck

  5. Evilest_ Says:

    It will have to fade over time. As your lips shed dead skin, it will lighten up.

  6. ~*~H.N.~ Says:

    I would say see a Dermatologist , but if thats out of the question how about trying a darker shade of lipstick , something that will hide the stain ?

  7. Mikhail L Says:

    make a solution of baking soda and warm water. Then use it as a mouthwash , i kno it tastes horrible but its worx.

  8. UrbanDen Says:

    this doesent sound like niccotine to me… maby try washing it?

  9. the eyes have it! Says:

    use lipstick til it comes off on its own

  10. hello Says:

    well, of course stop smoking, that was the first good choice. congrats! but here is what i think you should do. you should clean lips off every night and morning, or whenever you think is a good time for you. and until you get rid of the stain just go to your local store and buy a nice lip stick that is the closest to your lip color that you can find, or any natural color and just wear it all the time. ummm, maybe if it never leaves get a tattoo on your lip color over it. but that seems a little over the top. good luck, i hope you can get rid of the stain.

  11. ♥♥csigir Says:

    uuuhhh STOP SMOKIN’!!!

  12. eight_ba Says:

    If you’ve stopped smoking, you just need time for it to disappear. In the meantime, you need some concealing lipstick.

  13. Andy B Says:

    It seems a bit strange that it is still there if you ‘haven’t smoked for a long while’?
    Are you sure you haven’t cheated?
    Try brushing your lips with a SOFT toothbrush with a whitening toothpaste on it.
    And stop Cheating! lol

  14. German Shepherd Lover Says:

    u could ask ur dentist or a cosmetologist..or just try scrubbing it when u brush ur teeth

  15. michael Says:

    wash it off

  16. El Diablo Says:

    ” lipstick , make up hides everything “

  17. kcini8 Says:

    Put a small amount of base coverup on then wear lipstick over it.

  18. Onarga Roberts Says:

    don’t smoke

  19. boc wton uk Says:

    Elbow grease nobba

  20. CPawx Says:

    It’s there forever. Everyone will always know you were a smoker.

  21. kevin157 Says:

    Why don’t you try brushing your teeth??

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