How Do I Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

How can I quit smoking cigarettes?

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5 Responses to “How Do I Quit Smoking Cigarettes?”

  1. yo_20_09 Says:

    First make up your mind you will quite. Then everytime you think you need a cig. chew some gum. Or eat some sun flower seeds. It will keep your mouth occupied and make it easier

  2. Linda V Says:

    I quit smoking a 20 year, 2 pack a day cigarette habit 22 years ago. After 3 months, it was like I was never a smoker. I unlearned the habit.
    You can too one day at a time but you will have to make shifts in your thinking. There will be increased inner tension for about 3 months and you can take care of yourself by going for massages during this time. After 3 months the worst will be over.

  3. Marko M Says:

    I tried like 10 times to quit smoking. Longest period was maybe a week! All the time i was thinking about smoke. I fail and fail again. No apothecary did not help me and i was not mentally to strong to quit!
    And one day i met my old classmate who was smoker to and he give that web site what helped him.Now he has not smoking many years and i about 4 months and think i ever will.
    Hopefully it helps u to!!

  4. . Says:

    First you need to make a promise to yourself and commit yourself to quitting…Go to a therapist and ask him/her for good suggestions

  5. churchil Says:

    see the doctor he will help in several ways but you will still need will power ihave just given up after 37 years and i feel a lot better going 3 months with out a ciggy

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