How Do I Quit Smoking Weed?

I want to stop smoking because my parents and family don’t like it. I do everything to not get caught and I still always get caught. I want to quit smoking but i still want to get high and have fun. How should I quit, it seems really hard. I don’t smoke every day, only on the weekends.

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  1. Jordyn Says:

    well be smarter about it. iv been through the same **** since i was in tenth grade and now im a freshman in college…my parents think im drug free when in reality i smoke probably two or more times a day. Make sure you have an hour after u get high to chill out…and eat something to sober up. carry eye drops.. dont act like a dumbass. but hey smoking weed is better than be an alcoholic. alcohol destroys your addicting and causes deaths among millions. a little weed never hurt anyybody=)

  2. Christin Says:

    I used to be so much worse than you… I used to smoke up before work, on lunch, and then after work several times. I only quit because I got pregnant. You’re not going to stop because someone else wants you to, but because you want to. Let me remind you that weed is not addictive so, that is no excuse! In the future so you don’t get caught you should smoke from a bowl (I used this for a long time) get an empty toilet paper roll and put a couple of dryer sheets in it (fluffy like)when you exhale blow it through the toilet paper roll & dryer sheet filter and everything that comes out will smell laundry fresh to leave no smell behind!

  3. amethyst Says:

    yeah, it’s really hard to quit smoking. i don’t smoke, never had.
    But people tell me hoe hard it is, and people who smoke have bad breath too.
    anyway, if you do try to stop smoking, you better stick with it. otherwise, you will end up smoke a lot more than before. it happens to lots of people. I think i read somewhere that there is an easy way to stop smoking, but i can’t remember of it right now. I will write again if I find it.

  4. Johnnyca Says:

    keep busy, get a girlfriend
    or drink rather then smoke weed
    occasional drinks are somewhat more healthy.
    smoking weed gets you stupid and slow.

  5. Wingman Says:

    well i guess youll have to restrict yourself from it. theres not all that much to it

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