How Do I Quit Smoking While Taking Adderall ?

Ok I lied I don’t smoke but my boyfriend does. I am allergic to cigarette smoke but I don’t want this to be the end of the relationship and he is willing to quit. However he has really bad ADD and must take adderall in order to get things done. He says when he takes the adderall it makes him focus on the craving for a cigarette and he usually has almost a whole pack. When he doesn’t take the adderall he doesn’t feel the need to smoke. Any tips for me to pass on to him?

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3 Responses to “How Do I Quit Smoking While Taking Adderall ?”

  1. LQQKING Says:

    this is so true. I didn’t take my adder all for a week over a holiday last year. I have been smoke free since. the nicorett gum was on hand when i started the adder all up again, but i didn’t need it. take an adder all break ( you will sleep not smoke) << true, we are to lazy to smoke with out the adder all…. good-luck..

  2. drew Says:

    i know what you are talking about my mother smokes all the time but im not allergic to it like you are wish i was so she would stop but if the medicine makes him crave cigarettes try going to the doctor and ask for another prescription besides adderall or you can just take all your boyfriend’s cigarettes and throw them away or witch might not be true he might just be using the medicine as an excuse and every one has the will power to stop smoking or also u could lock him in a room for a couple of months with out cigarettes and hell lose his addiction but im sure u don’t want to do that and also if he does stop never let him even take a puff of another cigarette or he’ll be hooked again

  3. Mary Says:

    The best way of quitting is following a method. is a new approach on quitting for everyone who seriously wants to stop smoking, and it’s completely free; there’s no need to buy anything, no medications, no gum nor patches, even no weight-gain.

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