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I’m quitting smoking. Its been 2 days now and I’ve heard that’s how long it takes to detox from nicotine. How long until the regular cravings subside?

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  1. Blokh Says:

    First of all Congratulations for Quitting. You have no idea how big a favor you did to yourself.
    Detox is a term that refers to the removal of all your toxins from your lungs, brain, throat, etc. The detoxification takes a very long time naturally. So let me answer this question in two parts:
    1. How long until your regular cravings subside?
    The answer to this question depends on how long have you been smoking, how much did you smoke, and what is the reason for you to quit.
    That’s right. Your reason to quit plays an important role in determining how much you crave nicotine. If you quit smoking with the awareness of what cigarette smoking was doing to you (like in this video:… ) then you would not take the craving as a craving, rather take it as a challenge that you must overcome to live a healthy life.
    Craving is strongest on day 1 and then it starts subsiding and goes away totally within 10 – 14 days. However some people have felt cravings till the 21st day.
    2. How much time does it take for your body to detox from smoking?
    - 20 Minutes after you quit smoking your blood pressure and heart rate drops.
    - 12 hours after you stop smoking your carbon monoxide levels in your blood drops.
    - 2 weeks after you stop smoking your lung function starts getting better and your stamina starts increasing.
    - It will take 1 to 9 months before your cough totally goes away.
    - After one year of quitting cigarettes your risk of heart disease reduces (this means your heart clears most of the toxins within one year)
    - 5 years after you quit smoking your risk of stroke decreases (so it does take up to a few years before your blood and brain clear of toxins)
    - 10 years after your quit smoking your risk of lung cancer is reduced to 50%.
    This is because the tar and other material desposited on your lungs are cancerous in nature and can affect you even years after you quit smoking. So it is important for you to start your lung detoxification exercises to accelerate lung cleansing.

  2. Lora Says:

    I’ve heard 14 days to completely detox, and get over the physical addiction to nicotine and around 21 days to get out of the habit.
    Changing your routine is great, then you aren’t doing the things you are used to do with a cigarette.
    If you tended to hang out in one room and smoke in your house hang out in a different room. Even moving you furniture around could help.
    Saving the money you used to spend (would be spending) on cigarettes and spending it to spoil yourself instead is a good extra bit of motivation!
    Whitening your teeth can be great motivation too. Getting rid of any dinginess the cigarettes caused.
    Running is great your lungs will yell at you for having ever started in the first place and you will be able to feel them clearing out and getting healthier. Also this would prevent the initial weight gain that often drives smokers back to cigarettes.
    My mom quit years ago by dumping the butt and ashes from her last stinky ash tray into a zipper bag and adding a little water. She hid this in a pocket of her purse and whenever she really really wanted a cigarette she would get the disgusting thing out and look at it. If she STILL wanted one she would unzip the bag and SMELL it! The smell was so horrible and totally killed the urge.
    She carried this around for about a year. That was about 15 years ago and She has never started smoking again!
    I really hope this helps!
    You can do it!
    Congrats on the great decision. Hooray You!

  3. Lindy Says:

    Congrats, keep up the good work! The info that I have says that it takes about two weeks for the cravings to stop. In the meantime when they occur use deep breathing, gum, drink water, take a walk, carrot sticks sugar free mints also help.The cravings only last about 20 seconds and should get lighter as time goes by. Some information that I have read says that it takes about 36 hours to get the nicotine out of our system, So good luck!

  4. ? Says:

    I think a lot depends on what you class as cravings. I have quit several times and never really had cravings a such, just more of a mental thing becuase I used to get away from my desk by having a *** and that was the hardest thing to break.
    I got help from in the end and I ahve been quit for 9 months now

  5. Jason R Says:

    I started using these and have not had a cigg in just over 3 months. SAFE – no carcinogens, tar or other chemicals because the smoke is water vapor (H2O). It’s working wonders for me and about 7 of my friends. I’ve been smoking for about 10-12 years and after smoking these i can honestly say i have more energy and I feel great. I can still smoke without worrying about my health. It’s a WIN WIN.
    Jay R

  6. wayfarer Says:

    as like all those who have done this CONGRATS , but there is bad news also , some never get over the cravings ,I have found myself holding pen’s just like I would a cig , after 5 years and sometimes i feel like I need one so bad ,, but just work through it it is a part of your body (mind ) tricking you back to the Habit ,,,

  7. Camilla O Says:

    Well done luv! My main craving was food – candy, junk food, everything! I gaines 40lbs but now keep it way under control and have lost the 40lbs and more and the cravings with

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