How Long After You Quit Smoking Will Nicotine Show Up...

My life insurance company wants to do a blood test for, among other things, nicotine. I quit nearly five months ago, will it still show up? I’d like to be considered a non-smoker, and I have no intention of starting again.

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4 Responses to “How Long After You Quit Smoking Will Nicotine Show Up In A Blood Test?”

  1. herbie36 Says:

    About 30 to 60 days.

  2. miso1cat Says:

    Congratulations and after 5 mos you should be clean. It leaves you blood faster than it leaves your lungs. After 1 yr your lungs should be pink again.

  3. LifeInsu Says:

    you are considered to be a tobacco user for 1 year from the date you quit smoking.
    usually the best way to handle coverage is to get a shorter term now, possibly a 1 year term at a smoker rate. once the 1 year mark for quitting msoking passes, you can apply and lock in a long term non-smoker rate.
    make sure your doctors notes are updated with the date you quit.

  4. hmihaili Says:


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