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I have been without a `***` for over 50 hours now. I know it does not seem very long, I I quit on my own at 11. 00 am Thursday, then started the patches Friday. In one of the booklets the quit smoking nurse gave me, it says that after 48 hours your sense of smell and taste should start to come back, but as yet there is no improvement in mine. Also is there anyone else out there who has a `vile` taste in their mouth, is this caused by `fags`

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6 Responses to “How Long Does It Normally Take For Your Sense Of Taste And Smell To Come Back After One Has Quit Smoking?”

  1. vampini Says:

    When I gave up smoking my sense of taste and smell was no different!

  2. oldgit68 Says:

    You won’t necessarily notice it coming back – I gave up several years ago and never really noticed a great deal of difference – I even wonder if it’s true that you lose these senses very much due to smoking – and furthermore, if you want to beat Yahoo’s silly idea of a swear word, type the word F A G with spaces !-

  3. NickLo Says:

    Your sense of smell and taste will improve your craving for a smoke is not so strong and that is n about two weeks. When I gave up smoking (33 years ago) I smoked my last cigarette on Friday afternoon and spent that evening and weekend in bed because I was feeling very drowsy and was perspiring a lot. By Monday I was feeling well enough to go to work and the rest is history. I never used patches or taken any tablets. I was only thinking of how much better off my family and I were.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I quit about 6 years ago using Zyban tablets and found my sense of taste came back so gradually it wasn’t noticeable that it had changed. My sense of smell came back with a vengeance after a couple of weeks. I could smell someone smoking at a hundred yards and many other strong smells are very noticeable over quite a long distance.
    I wish you loads of luck with your attempt and hope it is successful

  5. Anonymous Says:

    it all depends on how long u smoked for if you smoke no stop it will take about 3 months and if uv dun it for a a month or sumthin it shud come back within a week lol but eat spicy foods and ur taste will come back a bit sooner

  6. retox Says:

    Well done – keep on going you are doing great. I gave up six months ago, my taste buds did change but it is a gradual thing – it doesn’t happen overnight. I really really started to enjoy my food – when I smoked I would eat afew mouthfuls and then my mind would wander to a ciggie – now for the first time in years, I finish my food completely!. Buy a peak flow meter (boots about £10) and watch your lung capacity increase – that will make you feel good too. Keep at it – I have pretty much forgotten that I ever smoked now.

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