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I have gone two days now without a cigarette. I am on the nicotine patch which I suppose helps rather than plain cold turkey, for the physical aspect.
My question is, does anyone know how the body starts to heal in stages? For example, in the first 24 hours, my lungs are starting to heal. Or my skin starts to get more oxygen and shows clarity. I believe this will help me (and hubby) in this endeavor in a mental aspect. I’ll have something that I can use to mentally keep us on track of the benefits of quitting.
Any websites of facts would be great. Thanks all.

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  1. Tink Says:

    From the American Lung Association….…
    Be sure to wander around the links on the left of the page as well
    The links about smoking and women are very surprising to most folks

  2. DivineOr Says:

    In 12 years, from the last cigarette you smoke, the lung tissue will replace itself, but the tar will always stay on them. Even one day of not smoking will start to improve your breathing, as the mucus starts to loosen up and you will begin to cough it up. Also, your capillaries will start to generate more oxygen throughout your body, improving your skin and overall function of your vital organs.

  3. ♫Sofia♫ Says:

    I dont think they ever heal, as you have already inflicted most of the damage. When you quit you are mostly just stopping the process of your rotting/burning lungs and minimizing the chances of cancer. I might be wrong but good luck quitting! Good choice, and it’s nice that you are doing it with someone else for support.
    Edit: All I know for sure is that the blood in your body will regualte better once you quit and will be distributed to the nerves and stuff in your hands and feet where it wouldn’t be going if you were smoking.

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