How Long Does It Take To Completely Rid Your Body Of...

I have to have back surgery and I know that I have to quit smoking b4 they will do it. I have been smoke free for only 3 days but how long does it take to be free of the nicotine?

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4 Responses to “How Long Does It Take To Completely Rid Your Body Of Nicotine?”

  1. zanthus Says:

    about 10 days.
    You CAN make it……I know you’re DYING today..The third day is the tommorow you will be doing better..The 5th day, you’re going to think..HEY…I made it :)……….

  2. Jennifer Says:

    It takes about 3 days for the nicotine to leave your body and a while longer before your brain starts to believe that you don’t need it any more.

  3. zabba33 Says:

    It takes about three days for your body to rid you of nicotine but that’s not the problem! If you drink lots of water to flush it out. Your brain convinced itself that you can not live without nicotine. It will do anything to try and motivate you to do what ever it takes to get it, cause you pain where you have never had pain before. That’s why it is so hard to quit smoking.
    IT CAN BE DONE. I quit 20 months ago and plenty of other people have done it. They all went through what your going through right now and we know that it really really sucks.
    Just keep telling yourself that you can do it for one more second and then another until you can make it for another minute and then another and pretty soon a day and then another day. You see what I mean but know that even though you’ve made it to a day that you might have to revert back to just one more second depending what happens in our life’s.
    You do what ever it takes to quit and know that all of us ex smokers know that it is worth what ever it takes to quit.

  4. Helpful2 Says:

    It takes about I2hours to rid your body of nicotine.But everyone metabolizes it differently.They will usually tell to quit between three days to a week before surgery.
    It is a great idea to give it up for a while post-op as well.
    Nicotine can and prolong healing time. Did you know they make vitamins especially for people undergoing surgery to promote healing?
    Ask your M.D. if your interested.…

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