How Long Will It Take To Get Nicotine Out Of My System...

I need smoking to be out of my life,and more importantly out of my body. I have a test coming up in a little over a month, and it needs to be clean, no nicotine, no sign that I even WAS a smoker preferably, What are my chances?

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4 Responses to “How Long Will It Take To Get Nicotine Out Of My System So That It Will Not Show Up If I Am Tested?”

  1. Harry Says:

    nicotine only takes 24 hours to be completely gone hence why we want to smoke every hour instead of every day. they can also tell from the co2 in your lungs i believe this would clear up in about 3 days. dont be worrying too much.

  2. Modern Major General Says:

    Suggest you speak to your own doctor; you aren’t going to be punished for having smoked at some stage, but if you deliberately declare yourself to be a non-smoker whilst still puffing away in private, you are sure to be found out.
    The retention time for nicotine will depend on your own physiology!

  3. Yaya Says:

    I believe the nicotine is out of the body within three days.

  4. Tim Says:

    If you were a smoker before say..3 months ago.
    They’ll know.

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