How Much Does Smoking Counteract Weightlifting?

I’ve lost 25 pounds in the past three months, and have been working out for the past two. I’ve gained some muscle, but wonder how much my tobacco use impacts my muscle gain.
I heard Brad Pitt quit smoking to prepare for Gladiator, and figure it must have made a big difference for him to do so.
I KNOW the benefits of quitting already. My question specifically is:
If I smoke one pack a day, my weightlifting efforts will be only what percentage effective? 80%? 70%
Is this an oxygen thing? A nicotine thing? A carbon monoxide thing? Why and how does smoking interfere with muscle gain?
Hopefully, I’ll be quitting soon!

3 Responses to “How Much Does Smoking Counteract Weightlifting?”

  1. I_love_m Says:

    I know it makes you tired, but it should have no effect on the percentage of weighlifting efforts. If you work out for an hour smoking isnt going to make it like working out for 45 minutes or anything like that. Your weighlifting efforts will be whatever percentage you put into them

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Quit now! Smoking is just generally bad for your health. Nicotine affects your brain and heart as well as your lungs. You need all of those organs!

  3. E Says:

    I think it affects your lungs. It messes em up, probably making ‘em smaller, or filling em up with crap, making your breathes smaller, making you have to breathe more often, making you use more energy.
    You should definately quit

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