How To Quit Smoking God’s Way?

Hi! I am looking for my brothers and sisters in Christ who have quit smoking with his help, what scriptures did you claim and stand on? How did you handle temptations?Thank you!

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  1. <3 Says:

    My dad read a book called How To Quit Smoking or something, by Allen Carr, and he hasn’t had a smoke in like 13 years?
    For his temptations, he would eat a black licorice candy cigar thing, the ones with the red sprinkles on the top.
    Good luck on stopping.
    : D

  2. helpinU8 Says:

    1st there is no medicine out there that can really help you its all mental. doctor can prescribe you meds what will happen is you will mentally think its working only because your taking something in to your body. its something you must be commit ed to and tell your self that you can do it of course it will be hard but it a week step the 1st few days will be hard but one you go threw one week you can last for ever and god will be by your side and you will make a DIFRNCE in your self and be a better person…. good luck and be strong

  3. groovyth Says:

    Myself and other’s have used this program.

  4. karen f Says:

    erm……stop buying the cancer sticks?

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