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I know about my own facts for ttc, but does anyone know about the man stopping smoking and cutting back on caffeine, etc, before ttc? I think I was told 3 months, but not sure where it came from. Thank you for any info, it would be very helpful!

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2 Responses to “Husband To Stop Smoking How Long Before Trying To Conceive?”

  1. JOHANNA Says:

    pp is wrong as far as I know… My RE recommended that my husband stop smoking asap when we were ttc because it does deform the sperm and could cause problems for ur baby… hope that helps

  2. cathy Says:

    hun hundreds of people fall pregnant when smoking and fall pregnant straight away and a problem free pregnancy, i dont think you will have to wait get in their and start the baby dancing!!! lol but really i dont no what him stopping smoking will do it dose not decrease his fertility men are reproducing all the time literally so good luck and hope your pregnant soon….

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