I Just Quit Smoking 3 Days Ago And My Chest And Lungs...

I know that when you quit smoking you are suppose to cough up all the nasty stuff that you have been smoking; but my chest, lungs, throat, and back all hurt beyond tolerance. I am not saying I want to smoke again, just need to know if this is normal or if there is anything I can do to help the process. How long does it last? Thanks.

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5 Responses to “I Just Quit Smoking 3 Days Ago And My Chest And Lungs Hurt Beyond Tolerance; Coughing All The Time.?”

  1. DMW Says:

    Yes this is very normal. You are getting rid of the junk that is in your chest. the reason your chest , lungs , throat and back hurst is because they are connected together and as you cough the muscles in your back are forcing the junk to come out of your lungs. Your throat is irritated by the coughing up the junk. When my husband quit he quit cold turkey and he had all these conditions. He found that by chewing gum and sucking lollipops and hard candy soothes his throat. As for the chest and back pain you can take Tylenol and also by soaking in a nice hot bath relaxes the muscles. Hang in there because it is all worth it. I hoped this helped.

  2. Mixee Says:

    Unfortunately it is normal…you will experience alot of discomforts from quitting, especially if you had been smoking for a while. I smoked for 11 years and when I quit, I had to sleep for the first 3 days! (That’s how long it takes the nicotine to clear your system)…after that you are looking at the discomfort of the mental part of the addiction.
    Hope all goes well…congrats on quitting!

  3. toodd Says:

    Flu is around.
    After quiting very heavy smoking, cough out green stuff once a day when waking up and it is gone after 2 weeks, but i jogged quite a lot.
    Suggest aerobic excercise daily. 1/2 gallon of dark green tea with lemon and honey, and boiled big onion with pumkin and vitamine calcium are helpful for lung cells.
    Should take X-ray as precaution.

  4. Smart SOB Says:

    This is common. But there is hope, take Tylenol, try to go for a short walk twice per day. If you cough at night, use a day time cough medicine. This will last about a week, then day by day the symptoms will go away. If you notice any bleeding, see your doctor.

  5. Louise - Mummy to a prince! Says:

    It just sounds like a chest infection to me.
    It’ll probably last about a week at the most.

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