I Need To Quit Smoking. Can Somebody Help Me Out In My...

I have been smoking roughly about 4-5 cigs a day. I just straight up stopped buying packs. Breaking the cigs that i have more than one with me. Just have one once in a while to calm my stress and anger levels. I take welbutrin XL already which does help a lot. Well, the problem is i can go without one but my mind keeps telling me “you are not you without them”. Its like i think of me walking around just smoking. Its just an addiction, I quit once. I want to quit again. Is there any way to fix this problem with my addiction?

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  1. raychels mom Says:

    seriously, cold turkey is the best way

  2. ilovejc Says:

    Hello, I met my bf a few years back and he was a smoker when I met him, He would smoke about 3-5 sticks of cigarettes a day. But you know what……on our second month we are dating he stopped smoking, Since I am not a smoker he decided not too smoked anymore because he noticed my eyes get really teary and my throat started getting itchy wheneve I’m around him smoking. I did not complain or anything like that. According to him, it is actually easier to quit than anyone says it is. He did not had a hard time since no one at my house smokes. I honestly admit that he did gain weight a year later, he gained about 12 lbs. but a few months later he started working out and eating right,,, he got his normal weight back. My best friend who just got pregnant also stop smoking, she’s 28 years old and she’s been smoking since 21. As soon as she found out she was pregnant she stop smoking. So see, this are only a few examples of people who did it and probably save their lives in the near future.

  3. Blue Jean Baby Says:

    I smoked for 14 years. I tried to quit cold turkey so many times. It was like you’re saying….you feel like smoking is part of you. The thought of not smoking anymore is actually kinda scarey. My doctor gave me a prescription for Chantix. I knew several people who had used it to quit. It has worked so far!! I took it for about 1 1/2 months, and I haven’t had a cigarette in 2 1/2 months. I don’t miss it much either. One of the side effects is strange dreams. Someone told me that it is because the drug speeds up your brain activity. It doesn’t have any nicotine in it. I HIGHLY recommend Chantix. Good luck!

  4. wow Says:

    i am right there with you but i have found that when i am happy i can do it and i also have learn to realize that when i am mad i smoke the most so i need to learn to let go of anger because the only thing that i use to hold on to self holds on to is self pity

  5. Sammy Says:

    It sounds like you figured it out already. You just decided to quit and your habit is not huge anyway. I quit successfully about 2 years ago (I had a small habit like yours, but it lasted for 8 years or more). I had tried half heartedly to stop quite a few times but I did not really want to so I wasn’t successful. I finally just quit cold turkey and it was not that hard. Bu the last time something in my mind clicked and I knew I really was going to quit. After a few months I stopped thinking about it and stopped feeling like something was missing. For me I had to learn to think and solve problems without going out for a smoke break… it took a while to clear my head. That feeling goes away. Just keep doing what you are doing. Try to just quit because you are so close already and those cigs once in a while are not helping. Learn to get by without them. Get the patch if you have to.

  6. glenn_mo Says:

    yes make your mind up that you will not smoke and if your cravings start to get the best of you go somewhere that there is no smoking

  7. razorrau Says:

    open up a cigarete and chew the tobaco and swallow it, that is better than the patch tro supply nicotine, reduce the amount every day then skip a day or two
    in a month you will despite tobbaco.

  8. original Says:

    My mom, dad, 2 brothers and father-in-law used neuroinhibitors.
    I quit using welbutrin.

  9. koh raymond Says:

    you have no intention to quit, Me myself was smoking for 35 years and 45 sticks daily, can stop on the spot. You can make-it, keep it up!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I smoked for approximately twenty years; however, one day in the winter I got a very serious cold and every time I puffed that cigarette I chocked and couldn’t breath. That was seven years ago. I tried to stop several times, but to know avail using patches, gums and things like that; however, I find the best way to quit smoking is COLD TURKEY!

  11. Harry D Says:

    There’s a great post on DearSugar about quitting smoking, check it out.

  12. Oli-NYC Says:

    Carry carrots with you all the time, and whenever you feel like smoking just eat the carrots. Sounds stupid, but a lot of people I know stopped smoking completely like this. Do this for like 2 months at least and you should be totally off it.

  13. nursesus Says:

    you need to see yourself as a nonsmoker. Ask everyone you know to help you..i had everyone I know praying for me and offering advice and praise for each day I made it thru. I carried a lollypop stick that felt “right” in my fingers and my mouth and that stick was my saving grace… i really went off if i dropped it…but eventually i noticed the stick was staying in my pocket more and more, till i made it a wole day without my best friend!!!
    It was the hardest thing I have done for myself but also I am proud of myself for making it and thankful I have friends who were willing to help and be there even those who continue to smoke gave me encouragement to keep fighting.
    Think of yourself as nonsmoker first step..
    if I can do it you can too…
    i am proud of you for wanting to stop

  14. ndnquah Says:

    Good for you!! I used to smoke but don’t now, I quit before they started putting so many chemicals in them. My niece was quitting and she called me (cross country), hung up on me because I laughed because she was crying trying to quit. She went through hell the first week, called a hot-line and they said if you can make it 6 days WITHOUT touching them, you’ll have it made. Patches and such fuel your craving because they have nicotine in them. JUST LAY THEM DOWN AND TOUGH IT OUT. You might try nerve pills til you quit your craving. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BE WITH YOU!!!

  15. Charles M Says:

    You don’t seem to be physically addicted therefore you have to create a good habit which tells your mind that this is the new and improved you. Alot of people have chosen weight lifting to define their new persona, I don’t know what yours is but keep in mind all of the different alternatives, sports, education (reading/writing), collections (cards, coins, etc.), and animal training (dogs, birds, etc.). Good luck.

  16. Susan Yarrawonga Says:

    Contact the Quitline and join a Quit Smoking Clinic.

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