I Quit Smoking 2-3 Weeks Ago. How Long Until I Start...

I do feel good in a way, but Im now sick so quiting smoking hasnt really made me feel too much better yet. can anyone who quit smoking tell me the advantages?

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Quit Smoking Three weeks ago

6 Responses to “I Quit Smoking 2-3 Weeks Ago. How Long Until I Start To Feel Better?”

  1. desi Says:

    You are still feeling blah because the last remnants of nicotine are fading from your body. You have to make it through the first months for the really bad withdrawal symptoms to disappear. It takes a full three months before you’ll feel totally human again. It sounds like you are quitting cold turkey [ie. no gum or patch]. The good news is that people who quit cold turkey and succeed generally are able to give it up forever

  2. dalecant Says:

    Keep the effort up!
    You will soon start feeling better. You will be able to exercise longer, and little efforts will just be little efforts. Try controlling your anxiety, and not thinking too much about it. Good luck, and congratulations.

  3. fusion20 Says:

    You can find quit smoking help here;

  4. Young boi Says:

    Smoking kills u quicker,fun doesnt

  5. Ray Says:

    I smoked for 20 years and have quit for 5 years. You may not feel your health improving because its slow. You WILL notice it decline if you start smoking again. Your taste should be sharper and your sense of smell. You will definately smell better. Quitting is the hardest thing I ever did. Good job and good luck.

  6. em Says:

    Hang in there
    you’ll feel better soon just try to take your mind of smokes i 2 have been there

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