If You Quit Smoking Will Your Lungs Ever Return To How...

Im 21 years old and have been smoking since i was 14. I have just recently quit and am wondering if my lungs will ever get back to the same health as someone who has never smoked or will they just get better but never 100% ?

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I HAVE QUITE SMOKING 10 YEARS AGO ARE MY LUNGS NORMAL?, will lungs get better after smoking 20 years?

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  1. Ollie Says:

    My dad after 20 years of smoking packed in & he always said he felt a lot healthier & could breath better.

  2. Dr. Srsly Says:

    First of all, congrats on your decision to quit smoking! I quit not long ago myself, and feel much better for it already!
    Not to the answer… Your lung tissue is constantly regenerating itself, just like any other tissue in your body.
    If you quit smoking today, then your lungs should have almost completely regenerated by the time you are 28 years old. Now that’s not to say there couldn’t be other damage from smoking that will not be recovered by that point in time. Smoking is harmful to more than just your lung tissue. It can also cause problems with your heart, circulation, etc.
    The earlier in your life you quit smoking, the better! Great job on deciding to leave such a harmful habit behind you.
    Good luck!

  3. ☼ImmaSta Says:

    yes they do
    Quitting tobacco improves our health almost immediately. Physical improvements continue for years after we quit smoking. Between 2 weeks and 3 months, improvements to circulation, stamina, and lung function are evident.
    When you quit smoking, the benefits begin within minutes of your last cigarette.
    At 20 minutes after quitting:
    Blood pressure decreases
    Pulse rate drops
    Body temperature of hands and feet increases.
    At 8 hours:
    Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal
    Oxygen level in blood increases to normal
    At 24 hours:
    Chance of a heart attack decreases
    At 48 hours:
    nerve endings begin regrowth
    ability to smell and taste improves

  4. Randy N Says:

    Your smoking history sounds EXACTLY like mine, and, when I decided to quit, I did, and soon found myself initiating a gradually increasing running regimen, beginning with maybe a quarter mile, and then slowly increasing to several miles, and then, I returned to my youthful joy of bicycling, except this time I had much better 10-speeds, and, over time, kept enjoying the sport so much that I was encouraged to buy an exclusively expensive 10-speed (12-speed actually) and raced on the novice circuit for a while until I just devoted my time to riding alone on rides of AT LEAST 30 miles a day on week days after work, 45/75/100 miles a day on the Friday/Saturday/Sunday stretch, with an occasional 200 mile daily trek. And did I have any trouble breathing? HAH!!! And I had the healthiest heart and lungs around, as the local doctors kept oohing and aahhing about at their annual health fairs. Did I get back to 100%? No. 150 – 200%? Damn right I did, and you can too, if you want. So put the trash down and begin reviving yourself. You’ll be surprised what your body can do when you want it to. After all, look at all the drugs and smoke people keep shoving down it, and it “keeps on ticking”. Go in the right / healthy direction. You’ll be very glad you did. God Bless you.

  5. miszxgab Says:

    It does not.
    After Alot ot research i have done.
    I have come to find out, if you smoke at a young age, your lungs do get more damaged since they havent developed fully,
    and also , your lungs will be better, but not 100%.
    when i say better i mean that you will see you have more stamina and more lung capacity.
    Do you have asthma?
    If you do, smoking makes it even worse.
    So dont smoke if you have asthma either.

  6. Arie Says:

    I personally believes :) your lungs will get back as if you never smoked before coz our body have a good protection system, as long as you never had an experience with a severe lungs diseases. Just quit smoke now, do regular exercise, healthy foods, good nutritions, healthy life style then your lungs will be back 100% OK!!

  7. Mary Says:

    20 minutes after quitting
    12 hours after quitting
    The.carbon.monoxide.level.in.your.bloo… to.normal..
    2 weeks to 3 months after quitting
    Your.heart.attack.risk.begins.to.drop.… function.begins.to.improve..
    1 to 9 months after quitting
    1 year after quitting
    Your.added.risk.of.coronary.heart.dise… of.a.smoker’s..
    5 years after quitting
    Your.stroke.risk.is.reduced.to.that.of… 5–15.years.after.quitting..
    10 years after quitting
    Your.lung.cancer.death.rate.is.about.h… a.smoker’s..
    15 years after quitting
    Your.risk.of.coronary.heart.disease.is… a.nonsmoker’s.

  8. wee neen Says:

    yes your lungs will regenerate themselves, depending on how long you smoke for, you say about 7-8 years, at an educated guess id say to reach there 100 percent efficiency will take you roughly about 6 or 7 years, but every day that you don’t smoke increases your live expectancy, if you work out regular and give your lungs a good work out 2 or three times a week will help you to.

  9. Rhysie Says:

    No, but you will notice a vast improvement overtime. However the human body is very remarkable and can recover from almost anything you throw at it. So they will certainly not be in the same condition as when you stopped smoking but no not 100% better.

  10. MICHAEL B Says:

    At your age a good guide to lung recovery is 2 years plus one year for each year you smoke, up to 10 years, if they haven’t fully recovered in 10 years they probably won’t, you will notice a huge difference in a very short time, a few months

  11. Shrimp . Says:

    If you stop smoking it decreases your chances of lung cancer or a heart attack. It’ll take some time, it doesn’t just happen like that. It takes some months maybe years, but your lungs slowly go back to their normal, healthy selves.

  12. MANofthe Says:

    There is little improvement. Your lungs may improve a small chance but never a full recovery.
    I had a friend who smoked since he was 15 (now a non-smoker) and is now finding complications with his heart and lungs.

  13. JustAnswer M Says:

    Apparntly yes they do after time. Good luck on keeping from smoking :)
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  14. Soufflé Says:

    as the damage has already been done you won’t ever get your lungs back into the condition as they were before you started smoking however by quitting they will improve considerably and as you’re still young you will reap the benefits.

  15. saveitok Says:

    i don’t think they will ever get back to 100% but they sure will feel like they got back over 100% because you probably don’t remember what it feels like but you sure will remember what they felt like when you were smoking

  16. brikush Says:

    My grandpa smoked for over 30 years, he quit cold turkey one day. 7 years later, he has emphysema. It could be because of the damage after 30 years was not reversable.
    Good Luck.
    You are saving your life…

  17. spike Says:

    I’m not an expert, but they say as soon as you stop smoking your lungs start repairing them selves. And if you can keep off the weed, they will return to normal in about six years.

  18. island3g Says:

    i read somewhere that within 6 monthes they are back to pink as long as you haven’t done permanent damage i.e cancer, emphysema, etc.

  19. Famien K Says:

    After a while they may recover, but probably never 100%.

  20. zstalk14 Says:

    Depends on how often you smoked. If you just smoked every once in a while then they would.

  21. İlayda E Says:

    No, they will not. But they will recover. Not as the same, but it’s better after all than smoking!

  22. MadelynR Says:

    I was told in health that if you do not come in contact with tobacco smoke for 10 whole years, even at bars or whatever, your lungs will return to their original baby pink color. start now!

  23. ADRIANNE Says:

    apparently they do…don’t know if it’s 100% but it definitely gets better.

  24. ✷ ร๓iเє, ๒є ђคקקy ✷ Says:

    Yes, they recover after 8 years.

  25. Nanxii Says:

    ummmm….maybe but it will take a looooooooonggggg time!

  26. Munna C Says:

    Ive heard they do

  27. roger678 Says:

    ye 6 years theyl b same as if u never did

  28. Anonymous Says:

    they will get better, but not completely better

  29. SWINE FLU! Says:

    tbh they obviously wont go back to 100% but yea your still young so there bound to :D

  30. Jamie Grant Says:

    it gets better but they dont recover 100%

  31. bubby23 Says:


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