Is It Safe For A Smoker To Exercise?

I tried to quit smoking, but the thing is, I don’t want to. I enjoy smoking. I want to exercise though. I want to be in a better physical condition. Before anyone says, “If you want to feel better stop smoking,” the benefits of exercise are different from quiting smoking. I want to jog. I want to be at an optimal weight (I am 25, male, 5’7 and 155lbs so not far off but …) Anyway, any input? Thanks

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8 Responses to “Is It Safe For A Smoker To Exercise?”

  1. 13laze Says:

    Safe yes. But it does hold you back. I used to smoke. And work out. But I just couldn’t push myself to new physical peaks. And then my doc told me that muscles need a lot of oxygen to get bigger and stronger. And as you know smoking can deprive your body of oxygen. So can you workout out? Yes. But will you be at your best? No.

  2. RoHo Says:

    Of course a smoker can exercise, and geting the heart rate
    up will help the heart, where smoking hurts it

  3. Panic Procul Pervideo Says:

    Yeah…I agree with the other people. Stop smoking. It’ll kill you faster than not being in shape will. Lung cancer. Just look up the ingredients in a cigarette, and see if you still want to. You could try the patches, or the gum. And if you want to exercise while still smoking, take the dog for a stroll, ride a bike (not too fast, you could stop breathing, what with that smoking)…Ask your doctor to help you out more.

  4. Patchoul Says:

    It depends how much you smoke and how long you’ve been smoking, I mean if you are going through 2 packs a day then you’d have to take it slow, honestly I find it very funny to watch people smoke and jog at the same time, I used to smoke myself so I understand the reasons for continuing to smoke, maybe you could cut back some and then start jogging if you smoke alot. You’re height and weight seem fine though, I’m 5’8” and 170 and I’m not overweight at all, I could understand for cardio reasons though, but then smoking is sort of counterproductive

  5. liz d Says:

    Why wouldn’t it be. The best place to start is probably jogging

  6. Io sono Says:

    I would recommmend you to stop smoking, buy if you want to do exercise you should start walking

  7. Keisha (KST) Says:

    It should be safe. I know a lot of smokers that work out.

  8. SexyTkn Says:

    Sure you can exercise… It just may be a little harder. You won’t have as much stamina.

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