Is It Time To Quit Smoking Weed?

I have been smoking since late 17, done everything in the middle, Im 25 now. I feel like I should quit but at the same time Im not sure exactly what the benefits would be of quitting. Maybe answers from ex stoners would help this question.

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  1. notso_re Says:

    I too smoked it every day for a long time, like more than a year. I thought is was great, calmed me down, was able to play with kids for hours. I really didnt see anything wrong with it. Finally, to make a long story short, I started really overthinking when I would smoke and get paranoid that I had cancer or something was really wrong with me or someone in my family could die, etc. I quit, started having terrible terrible anxiety and panic attacks. Went to a doctor, put me on meds (the whole time I smoked I did not take anything) then suggested therapy. First visit I told therapist, she said that is where all the anxiety and panic attacks were coming from. Pot relaxed me and made things not matter so much, I would definately see someone if and when you quit, maybe just for lorazepam or something so you dont freak out!!! Good idea to stop though!

  2. Cister Says:

    I don’t see what benefit u have in keeping it. Money to spend, moments out of your reason self, less productivity, less safety etc. If your body says enough, so it is.

  3. Lauren S Says:

    Ok, anytime is a good time to quit. That stuff is absolutely no good for you and you can only benefit from quitting. I have watched too many people in my family die from smoking and yeah, its hard for them, but when your body finally tires out from all the chemical abuse, your family will be the ones to have to stand there and watch you pretty much die. So yes, quit and save yourself now. Doing stuff like that is nothing but a burden in your pocket and a major hurt to your body. You only get one body to live in, so take care of it!!!

  4. zeek Says:

    the first benefit would be mental . smoking pot can , especially as you get older, can cause increased paranoia, anxiety, and problems with short term memory. physically it can aggravate your lungs and breathing. once u quit u will realize that you can live your life fully without getting stoned. the last benefit would b e financially, you would save a lot of money. good luck to you.

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