Is It True That Some People Get Sick When They Quit...

I heard that the days after quiting smoking, you an get sick because your bronchs get clear. Is that true?

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7 Responses to “Is It True That Some People Get Sick When They Quit Smoking?”

  1. Stating the Obvious Says:

    Yes, it is true. Some people do get sick shortly after quitting smoking. Their respiratory systems begin to clear and coupling that with a slightly impared immunity – it is very easy to pick up a respitory infection or ‘chest cold’.
    I’ve seen it many times. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it does happen.

  2. T~Kay Says:

    Your body is going through withdrawal when you quit smoking, just like any other drug, your immune system will weaken and you will have “cold-like” symptoms until all of the nicotine is out of your body. Depending on how much a person smokes it could take up to two weeks for all of the nicotine to leave the body.

  3. T~Kay Says:

    Its not neccesarily being sick but more of a cough b/c your lungs are trying to expel all that build-up that was put there but it`s not bad at all. I quit 2 months ago but now I feel free and I only coughed for 3 days.

  4. XxAngelW Says:

    probably. most lickly you can get fat.

  5. mythough Says:

    from what i understand your imune system is weakened so it is possible to get sick.

  6. laitiere Says:

    no totally wrong. but when they are seriously addicted, their mentality remains so for several weeks. but they too will be ok after several weeks.

  7. stitchgr Says:

    Their body is used to the nicotine and when you stop smoking your body is going through a type of withdrawal. Try using the patch or some of that “gum”.

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