Is There Any Way To Tell If Someone Has Quit Smoking...

My teenage son admitted to me he was smoking and he asked for help quitting. Nobody in our home smokes and I have never seen him smoke, he admits he was smoking with friends. They gave him cigarettes, he has no money to purchase any. He has been chewing gum to help, I purchased a used dirt bike that he can have if he stops smoking. He was with friends at school and they were turned in for smoking. My son claims he was with the group but not smoking because he really wants the dirt bike. He claims he told the police that he was smoking because they wouldn’t believe him and he didn’t want to argue. I don’t know what to believe. His friends claim he was not smoking but they are not the most reliable sources of information. He was also fined $50 which I have to pay this month. I have explained to him numerous times that by associating with those who partake of illigal substances for a 15 year old he was putting himself in a vulnerable situation that would catch up to him.

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  1. fast_bir Says:

    There would be no for sure way to tell. Unless they were caught on a security camera or you could get intouch with whoever turned them in. They might have witnessed if your son was smoking. Other than that I think you’ll either have to trust him and believe him or not trust him and see him as being dishonest. But remember the fact that your son came to you for help. That is great, I wouldn’t have dared asked my mom for help when I was his age. And I think you should help him the best you can. I honestly think it might take a little more than bribery. I would highly recommend that you stress the importance of him quiting though. Even if you have to take him to meet people with emphazyma and other dieseases caused by smoking. He will be old enough to drive before you know it, and then he can leave and go smoke far from where you will catch him. I even hid my cigarettes in my car when I was 16. I am only 20 and have been smoking since I was about his age, maybe a little younger. My lungs have suffered so bad from this. I guess a pack and a half a day will do that to you. They hurt when I even do moderate physical activity. Although I have tried to quit many times all attempts have failed. Tell him he doesn’t have to smoke to be a bada$$ there are plenty of other ways to be “cool.” I would make sure he knows how much he will regret it in the future. I have only been smoking for 6 or 7 years and I hate it, but it is so damn addictive. This is probably the toughest thing I have had to deal with in my short lifetime. Don’t let your son make the same mistake. I would at all cost prevent him from picking this habit up. Even if it means losing some so called friends. I would have hated my mother when I was 15 if she made me lose my friends that got me into smoking, but now I’m hating most of those friends and their peer pressure. Good luck. And don’t give up on your son.

  2. bettyboo Says:

    Well, if you had to pay a 50 dollar fine, than he hasn’t earned the bike yet.

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