Should I Be Coughing Since I Quit Smoking?

I smoked my last cigarette 6 days ago, and I feel OK except for trouble sleeping. Everyone I’ve talked to says that they developed a terrible cough after they quit smoking, and it’s supposed to be the lungs cleaning themselves out and healing. I haven’t coughed once… Have I done too much damage to my lungs?

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  1. The Ultimate Answer Guaranteed Says:

    Every case is different, it really depends on the brand and quality of the cigarettes and if you used filters and how much you smoke. For some people if they don’t smoke regularly they start to cough up mucus, since there is an accumulation of it in the throat this will cause irritation and coughing. If you don’t smoke too much or strong brands then you may not be over producing the mucus, and therefore you won’t be coughing. It also depends on how many times you tried to quit before and for how long. Just drink as much fluids as you can to clear your throat and breathe deeply whenever you can, to help clear your trachea and airways. I tried quitting a number of times, the first time I did I was coughing a lot because I was not used to it, but then the following tries I didn’t cough at all. There is nothing to worry about, but insomnia can be a problem, try sleeping pills with a cool glass of water before bed for a week and eventually you will get used to it.
    Congratulations and good luck in the future.

  2. chandrasekharam b Says:

    Quitting smoking prevents lung damage!

  3. justcuri Says:

    Count yourself lucky. You have probably not done damage yet. Stay clean and you will continue to have a flourishing life. Good Luck and CONGRATS !!!!

  4. Mrs. Amethyst Phoenix-Dragon Says:

    Everyone is different in the repairing process. Your body may be taking longer or may be going about it totally different. I suggest giving it time. Or if you are really concerned, see a doctor.
    More than likely it’s timing. Six days isn’t much time yet.
    Good choice and good luck.

  5. richard t Says:

    takes about 6 months to clear out…………….give it time……..everything does not happen to everyone at the same time……….

  6. JERRABan Says:

    When you quit smoking, the lungs try to clean out all of the smoke in the lungs. However, with you, this is probably because you didn’t do that much damage to them. Your lungs are probably cleaner than you thought they were. Don’t worry so much about why you aren’t coughing…be thankful that you aren’t coughing.
    Smoking destroys the little cilia that clean out the lungs, thus making you cough. Smoking cannot “destroy your ability to cough.” Even if you did do serous damage to your lungs, your cough cannot be “destroyed.”

  7. zaineb Says:

    maybe you haven’t damaged your lungs at all .. coz it’s quite unusual for a quitter not to cough … keep cool and don’t worry bout it …

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Only a doctor can take you to that conclusion. Why don’t you consult one!

  9. Grand Pa Says:

    Your lungs are fine, not necessary that you cough on leaving smoking. I didn’t get that.

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