Should I Start Smoking Again?

I quit smoking about 16 months ago. I quit smoking because I just graduated from college and I got the Great Job as a Human Resources Assistant at a factory that paid 14.00 hour which is good money where I live for entry level. Anyway, I had some serious health issues and in a bad state of mind put my resignation in at my job because I didn’t think I’d be able to do the job for awhile. Anyway, I was told I had 2 weeks to change my mind. The next morning I asked to keep my job but was told that I couldn’t have it because they found someone else, however I could stay for a month and train in my replacement and be a part time employee over the summer (with loss of benefits) and wait until someome else retired and I could take over her position. I reluctantly did this. however, when it came time to rehire for the position I was NOT offered the Job. Then there were no more part time hours left. The ONLY reasons I quit smoking was because this employer had talked me into it and I quit so I could do a better job there and not feel so SICK all the time. Anyway, it’s been a year, I am now making hardly any money and am very angry about this still. I am so mad I feel like resuming smoking because life sucks so much anyway, Why did I even bother going to college to get a crappy high school job, and why bother caring about my health when I hate my life?

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  1. Dan Says:

    You know you really don’t want to. that’s why you asked the question. Don’t do it, life may suck, but there’s no reason to damage yourself for it. If you don’t give up, then things should get better. so don’t give up.
    What happened to you even got me mad, that’s just not fair. Quitting is a great accomplishment, but if your really stressed out, then cigarettes wont kill you (at least not instantly lol). Just never give up buddy.

  2. kagome Says:

    hey listen, things will get better , dont worry. sometimes life sucks (i know), but it will get better. And dont start smoking, i think its great that you quit. Not everyone can. dont waste your money on ciggs. and your health will also be better if you dont smoke. I really hope things start looking up for you

  3. core2qua Says:

    I’m not even reading what you have written. Just saw the question and drew the conclusion that SMOKING IS BAD.
    The government can ban the cigarettes or any other smoking agents. But they won’t. Because they get like 1/4th of the revenue from the cigarettes. They put on a lousy disclaimer and expect people to believe them.
    Please DON’T SMOKE.
    It’ll kill you.

  4. The Happy California Cow Says:

    If you don’t care about your health (which you should, even if you hate your life), you should care about the money you are spending and the second-hand smoke slowly killing children and people in general using those death sticks.’

  5. mena Says:

    first of all smoking is a bad habit because it hurt your respiratory system and also hurt people near u when u are smoking and it also make your RS (respiratory system) sensitive to other diseases so i RECOMMEND NOT TO

  6. ѕкιη αη∂ вσηєѕ Says:

    Don’t smoke.
    It’s really bad!
    You could get cancer or something.
    Maybe just talk to someone.
    Please man.
    I’ll pray for you.

  7. Sharon Says:

    YOu will hate yourself for starting up again if you do… Just try to stay strong… Something will come along…

  8. Anonymous Says:

    smoke weed. youll relax

  9. Mae Says:

    There are quite a lot of ups and downs in life, especially in working; just don’t give up and keep trying, sooner or later, it’ll get better ^-^ For your smoking, you really shouldn’t start again; there are so many people in the world who try to quit smoking but can’t. They know that it’s bad for them but the nicotine prevents them from quitting which causes them to waste their life. In my opinion, people who smoke are ignorant but the people who know that smoking is bad for them but still continue to smoke are worse. All you’re doing is trying to run away from reality and the price of it is your life and the sadness of the people close to you… Even though you’re a stranger to me, I hope that you don’t start smoking again, please.

  10. crow7630 Says:

    Why care about your health? Are you serious?! Listen, your position in life can change at a moments notice, but if you get heart disease, or cancer, that doesn’t change! I WISH I could quit smoking! “Oh, my life sucks, and even though I no longer have the physical addiction, because I managed to beat that, I think I’ll pick back up something that’s going to KILL ME! That’ll show ‘em!” Dude, grow up, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and find a better job if that’s what you want to do. JEEZE!

  11. cant wait to meet Kenleigh! 3/23 Says:

    if your not making any money dont waste it on smoking, and in the end all your left with is medical bills if it does give you cancer or somethin. i smoke, but if i ever quit, especailly for 16 months, i sure as hell would not start back. quitting is such a big accomplishment and if i had the will power to stop i would…so no matter what the reason for quitting is, you did it and shouldnt start back!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I personally wouldn’t . You’ve been smoke-free for more than a year , why start again ? And you say you’re hardly making any money , why would you want to waste it on smokes ? There’s so much better things in life you could buy . There’s millions of other jobs you can apply for . It doesn’t have to be that specific place . I’m sure you will get hired somewhere if you apply . You need to be more open-minded . Don’t waste your life smoking , it’s not worth it .
    I hope you make the right decision .

  13. 1whoknow Says:

    Sorry to hear all that. You have to realize that stuff happens. Did you really think a simple college degree would reward you instantly with all that bling bling? No man, this is just the start. You have to prove yourself still. You can either be all depressed or you can let go of your self built ego and take everything that comes. Don’t focus so much on your failures but instead own your actions.
    As for smoking it sounds like you abused them. Remember, it is okay to have a cigarette or two once in a good while. Stressful days are understandable. You are an adult and understand the long term health complications. Though when you abuse them and smoke on a daily basis then you are purposely imposing serious health risks upon yourself. Maybe go to the gym, run, read, build model airplanes, collect playboy mags, vent out your stress some how.
    Id also suggest getting your masters or finding an internship.
    Try a non-profit.

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