Since Quitting Smoking, My Hair Is Thick And Lovely,...

I quit smoking just over two weeks ago. As well as the normal benefits I’ve noticed, (especially in my looks; skin wise) I’ve also noticed that my hair, which used to be thin and lifeless, is now lovely and thick. Has anybody else ever encountered this with quitting, and does anyone know why this is?

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11 Responses to “Since Quitting Smoking, My Hair Is Thick And Lovely, Why?”

  1. Chimera's Song Says:

    In addition to the other answers, there is also increased bloodflow to your hair follicles. Because smoking congests the arteries. More bloodflow means all those nutrients which aid health hair growth are free to flow to your head. Thus you have healthy, luscious locks

  2. piggle Says:

    Yes me too. Skin clearer and more colour in cheeks, nicer hair, whiter teeth, nicer breath…smoking is bad in every respect really isn’t it?

  3. Łive♫ Ł♥ve ♪ Łaugh☺ Łearn ♦ gr☼w Says:

    cuz smoking damages your hair and thins it out! good for you for quitting smoking!

  4. beth Says:

    Smoking kills your body’s natural collagen production, that’s probably why you are looking so great.

  5. Britney Says:

    Hi Friend!!!
    Well,this is smoking provoques this in our hair….the Nicotine.
    Bye and Luck

  6. MARGARET Cgeb Says:

    Thanks for asking this question I gave up 2 weeks ago today and thought it was my imagination that my hair felt thicker it makes it worth it doesn’t it

  7. v.h. Says:

    uhh oh i dont know perhaps its because the dark poisonous nicotine has stopped working its magic (aka murdering your hair folicles?)

  8. al_xo* Says:

    i agree with mostly everyones answers, and this should help you to stick with not smoking am i correct? :) you wouldnt want to see your pretty hair go back to being dull :P

  9. lolwutsh Says:

    duh cuz ur not poining urself with nicotine everything will start being better

  10. Amy T Says:

    all the nasty chemicals and toxins in fags deplete the good stuff in your body.good for you.

  11. Allie <33 Says:

    Thats your reward for quitting. :]

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