What Effect Would A Nicotine Patch Have On A...

I’m not about to start using them but am wondering how harmful (long term) and addictive using the patches would be compared to smoking the cigarettes? Is it just the act of ingesting the nicotine through the lungs that is harmful?
I have heard that nicotine is actually a poison?

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  1. SolarFla Says:

    Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes. However, in the main it isn’t the nicotine in cigarettes that causes the damage but other substances (tar is one). So, wearing the patches would probably get you addicted but not damage your health (much).
    Highly concentrated nicotine is a poison – it’s used as an insecticide in some places. It’s not in this concentrated form in cigarettes and what little negative effect the nicotine has is insignificant in comparison with tar & carbon monoxide.
    If a non-smoker went straight to wearing a high strength patch it would be very uncomfortable & could be dangerous. But this is exactly the same as a non-smoker suddenly smoking 20 cigarettes per day. You’d feel uncomfortably overdosed on it before it became dangerous and you’d want to get away from it. You’d probably rip the patch off. If the non-smoker who was wearing the patch was unconscious or asleep then it could be dangerous.
    A non-smoker could, theoretically work up to a full strength patch by starting with the lowest strength patch. (For most brands there are 3 strengths, often 7mg, 14mg & 21mg nicotine content.)

  2. krennao Says:

    If you read the box it does have warnings. No non smoker in their right mind wouldn’t even do such a thing.
    There is no reason to, the cost of the patch is way more expensive then a pack of smokes. Its also a different dose then the cigarettes to help with the craves to eventually a lower dose, to quitting.

  3. Dr Frank Says:

    If a high enough concentration of nicotine is consumed in any way or absorbed though the skin, it is potentially fatal. Acute poisoning can result from skin contamination or inhalation of tobacco smoke, depending on the doses. Patient may progress through prostration, convulsions, bradycardia, arrhythmia and finally coma. Death may occur within 5 min to 4 hours.The fatal dose of pure nicotine is approximately 40-60 mg,In children the lethal dose is considered to be about 10 mg of nicotine.
    Nicotine naive patients ( non- smokers) would get symptoms of nicotine overdose very quickly if they put a patch on. Theoretically 3 x 15mg patches worth of nicotine administered at once could be fatal.

  4. Tawariel Says:

    Well, smoking damages the lungs. The patch doesn’t because you don’t inhale it. But it still introduces the nicotine into your blood system so long term it has the same effect as smoking an equal dose of nicotine in cigarettes.
    As for the dangers of smoking…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobacco_smo…

  5. Jorge S Says:

    I smoke but when/if I quit I won’t use patches, I’ll just make it natural. I don’t think the patches would benefit the non-smoker’s health at all… As for nicotine being a poison, my pal, it depends on what you call a poison. It’s merely an alcaloid.

  6. Bren Says:

    the patches are therapeutic nicotine to replace that that a smoker is used to and thereby stop the cravings, the main reason that smokers find it difficult to give up. if you are a non smoker and not addicted to the nicotine you would experience the side effects listed on the box which i believe would be jitteriness and nightmares and would probably feel unwell.

  7. Michelle G Says:

    I don’t know and don’t care to find out, but which idiot would use it if they don’t smoke? Makes no sense, only a sicko/psycho.

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