When Do You Start Feeling Healthier After Quitting...

I have quit smoking a week tomorow and wanted to know when will i start felling the benefits of stopping and how long will it take ?? Currently have sore throat and cough but i know this is normal.

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  1. The Rugby Player Says:

    I stopped smoking 19 months ago and I don’t feel much different except 2.5 stones heavier

  2. lukabehi Says:

    I can tell you how to feel better.. You need to make your lungs work… It helps to break up the build up of gunk in your lungs..
    I did square breathing 3 times a day for a month and it really helped plus it helps add more oxygen to your body thru your blood. And that is what makes you notice it more!!
    Square breathing is :
    Breathe in slow and deep to the count of 4
    hold comfortably for the count of 4
    breathe out slowly to the count of 4
    wait to the count of 4
    Breathe in slow and deep to the count of 4 and keep repeating for a while.. I did 2 minutes then 3 then on till I reached 5 minutes.
    Now in the beginning I used 2′s then 3′s and worked up to 4′s..
    It also works to calm you down and put you in a more relaxed state, which is something the “cigarette” did when you were a bit on edge..And is way far more healthy than the ciggy was…
    I am proud of your effort and know you will make it..Keep on quitting everyone… It’s worth it!!!

  3. misskitt Says:

    yes you may even find it hard to go to the loo, but it is well worth it, your body will feel the benefits already, just you will not notice feeling so down with the others things wrong with you.
    keep this up your over the hard part well done
    kind regards
    x Kitti x

  4. bella36 Says:

    it can take a few months really, depending on how long you’ve smoked and it can also depend on your physical characteristics as well. some ppl actually feel pretty bad before feeling the real benefit of quitting, to the point of wanting to go back to cigarettes. but you will get past it i promise. start drinking loads of bottled water…it will not only soothe your irritated throat, it will also help keep everything lubricated internally and keep your subconscious oral fixation entertained. congratulations on taking steps in becoming healthier!! you won’t regret it!!

  5. costa Says:

    Its not all about feeling better – just think of dying less soon and not in agony.

  6. Lady Isis Says:

    I gave up smoking, will be a month on Monday.
    Got no sense of taste.
    Toilet habits, well we will not go there !
    Best thing is, I can breathe better. I can walk upstairs without feeling I am gonna die !
    I feel worse now than when I smoked, BUT I am sticking with it. Am never going to pay good money again to kill myself.
    A smoker for 30 years !
    You automatically gain half a stone in weight as your metabolism slows down. I watch what I eat and eat healthily.

  7. aWellWis Says:

    I think it may depend on how long you have been smoking.
    It must be hard to quit, congrats on your victory! Just keep it up and go for some exercise daily, that will help you notice the difference.
    Good luck!

  8. katm Says:

    I gave up smoking on the 1st of July this year, I had help using nicotine patches and i found the first 3 weeks..ish were the worst, although i am now 20wks pregnant and didnt know i was pregnant at the time of giving up, i didnt suffer from any morning sickness, but i have found that i am now struggling again, like im craving a roll up like someone would crave ice-cream and baked beans! (i actually dont know of anyone who have craved that,…i just made it up)lol But i am worried that im going to start smoking again, i actually dont think i feel any better at the moment for giving up!

  9. magicgee Says:

    Took me about 5-6 months and everything is all good

  10. WWJD Says:

    Way to go! Keep it up! I quit smoking over 3 years ago after smoking for almost 20 years and I’m not going back. You will have to cough. It’s clearing your lungs and throat out. The crap coming up is what’s making your throat sore. This will pass soon. You will start to feel the positive effects soon. You will continue to feel better. Now you have to watch out. People who quit smoking gain weight and quickly because they are trying compensate for not having anything to do with their hands and mouth. It’s the habit of grabbing one after coffee or diner or waking up or other activities that are hard. Keep busy and if you really need to snack then make it fruit not candy or other junk foods. Thrust me I gained about 40 lbs in less than 3 years. I just now lost 30 of it. Man I feel great!

  11. haiku10 Says:

    first of all, you shouldn’t smoke. secondly, if you start to stop smoking your breathing improves. :)

  12. Haslam-a Says:

    Oh, God, I never felt healthier when I quit smoking. Metabolism slows down when you give up nicotine and almost everyone packs on the pounds. Even if a person only drinks water all day, he or she will become a good deal heavier.
    I quit for almost three years and was so miserable. I started smoking again, and I never felt better; I’m animated again, and running around all over the place.
    I personally know three people who became gravely ill after they quit smoking; the stress of not being able to light up was responsible. One even developed cancer!

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