When You Stop Smoking Can Your Metabolism Change?

I was wondering not because i’m a smoker but because i was told this by someone who did stop smoking and did put on weight is the change in metabolism the cause of putting on weight or is it merely because you start eating more? Thanks

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9 Responses to “When You Stop Smoking Can Your Metabolism Change?”

  1. Han Says:

    Nah it’s to do with substituting cigarettes with food.
    Lol ‘change in metabolism’ sounds like an excuse to me! Someone please correct me if I am wrong! lol

  2. Jack Says:

    It’s pretty much common knowledge that when people quit smoking, they usually put on 5-15 pounds. Let’s figure out why and how to prevent it! But first of all, you deserve a big pat on the back for quitting. Smoking is an addiction, and giving it up is quite a feat! It takes a lot of willpower, and that’s a good thing….if you have the willpower to quit smoking, you absolutely have the willpower to lose weight!
    First of all, it’s easy to feel like the weight gain is punishment for quitting. But don’t think like that! It’s just an extra hurdle you have to conquer, but you can do it. Smoking can decrease your appetite and increase the amount of calories you burn. So when you quit smoking, your metabolism adjusts; this adjustment normally results in weight gain because your appetite is stronger and you’re not burning as many calories. Plus, many people turn to food when they’re depressed and looking for comfort, or if they need to just satisfy that oral fixation.
    If you’re responsible about your diet and exercise, there’s no rule that says you have to gain weight after you quit smoking. Here are some tips:
    - Make sure to follow a healthy, low-calorie diet. Your body will start to get accustomed to a lower calorie intake, and you’ll have more success with your weight loss. If you have trouble controlling your eating, consider using hoodia pills to help control your appetite. They are a safe and all-natural herbal supplement.
    - Try to exercise regularly. While smoking, your body is naturally burning more calories, but once you quit, your metabolism will slow down a bit. If you exercise as often as possible, you’ll help burn those extra calories. Running low on energy? The best energy drink will give you the boost you need without dangerous amounts of caffeine or stimulants.
    - For the first few months after you quit smoking, try starting a diet pill regimen. These supplements will help raise your metabolism, burn fat, and control cravings. It’s just the edge you need to get you through the tough times.
    If you follow these steps, you should find yourself slim and trim in no time! And because you’ve quit smoking, your health will be infinitely better. Your body will thank you!
    I have been studying alternative medicine, health and fitness for over 10 years. I love to write about what I have found to help others, especially in the area of weight loss. I have found herbal remedies to be effective without the debilitating side effects that medications cause. I am passionate about hoodia, especially when taken as a hoodia shot.

  3. gr2uk Says:

    I have put on two stone since i stopped smoking a year ago. i think its because i finish all my meals now rather than leaving half so i could go and have a fag and not finish eating.this stuff about food tasting better is pants. everything i eat tastes exactly the same now as it did when i smoked so i think the answer is you dont go for more food to substitute the fags you just eat more of whats put in front of you

  4. Bob M Says:

    It’s a combo….the nicotine is an upper and without it you are more lethargic and sedentary. Add to that the sense of taste returning and foods that used to be bland all of a sudden are new taste treats….you start trying all sorts of foods just for the new flavor experience.
    it all adds up to a lot of weight increase…

  5. Liz L Says:

    Nicotine depresses your metabolism, so when you give up it will increase. You can try nicotine replacement therapy (patches, nose sprays, chewing gum etc) and come off gradually, which will make it a less painful change.

  6. Bailey Says:

    I don’t think so as such. When you give up smoking you end up finding other things to do with your time, like eating, and that tends to be why everyone balloons a bit.
    Good luck with giving up smoking though.

  7. Summer Says:

    Cigarettes are a hunger suppresent, so I think it’s more to do with eating more than with your metabolism.

  8. meynell3 Says:

    I don’t think that it alters your metabolism but I do think that you are more likely to eat more.

  9. Dizzy Says:

    i am just begging to fell better after two year and yes you do put on

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